Group size Min-2, Max 6 (big groups are available)
Duration   1 night 2 Days
Total driving  700 km
Meals Breakfast, 2 Lunch, Dinner
Accomodation Ger Camp
Activity horse riding, visiting nomadic family, hiking around monastery 

It’s one of the three largest monasteries of Mongolia. The Manchu emperor Enkh Amgalan Khan built the monastery in the 18th century, in memory of the first Bogd Gegeen, Zanabazar, in order to keep and preserve his mortal remains. The construction began in 1727 and completed in 1737. 1200 langs (= 3730 kilograms or 8223 pounds) of silver coming from the state coffers were used to build this sumptuous monastery. The emperor personally wrote in four languages (Mongolian, Tibetan, Manchu and Chinese) a message symbolizing his protection and his control. 

Destination: Amarbayasgalant monastery