We arrange all kinds tours in Mongolia, your stay is out pleasure. Come and experience life with our Nomadic families as their beautiful life unfolds before you. Our travelling staff is there to serve your every need.  We recommend to our guests the best services that are both cost effective and safe for our guest. . Tours can be customized to last any length of time. This keeps costs reasonable, special discount for groups is available. Scheduled tour prices are based on minimum 1 person, maximum 6 people. The hostels and hotel costs will not be included the tour price.  Pricing is depending on travelers’ number therefore we can send by email more detailed information.   

Group size min (1-2) max-6 (big groups are available)
Duration  5 nights 6 Days
Total driving  1650 km
Meals 5 Breakfast, 6 Lunch, 5 Dinner
Accomodation Ger Camp
Activity Camel riding, Climbing to the top of the Singing Dune, Exploring Dinosour fossils, Hiking… etc

Contrary to what most people think about the desert, the Mongolian Gobi desert is mostly vegetated, vast steppe, and home to a large number of camel herders. Due to its size and sparse habitation, it instantly brings tranquility and evokes mysteries to its visitors. During this trip,  the most highlighting components of this legendary desert will be revealed to you – Baga gazariin chuluu, Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa) Eagle Valley, Khongor sand dunes, and Bayanzag, which was home to dinosaurs many years ago. 

Destination: Baga gazriin chuluu | Tsagaan suvarga-white stupa”Gobi Three beauty mountains” National Park -Yol Valley “Khongor” sand dunes Bayan Zag -Flaming cliffs