The Terms and Conditions displayed below are a very important part of the booking procedure. Here you will find everything you need to know about our tour policies. Upon purchase of the package, the terms and conditions set forth herein become a binding contract between the Purchaser and  Four Seasons Travel LLC. (Hereinafter referred as “The Company”)  


If you decide to book your tour program, we require you to pay 20 percent of total cost. On receipt of your deposit, we will send you confirmation of your booking along with details for the payment of the balance. The booking will not be accepted until the deposit is received. The balance should be paid in USD, or Mongolian currency MNT (Tugrik) by cash after you arrive to Mongolia, before your tour starts. The deposit payment can be made by Bank transfer.


In case, if you need to cancel your tour with us, a written notice must be required. If you cancel your booking after you have paid your deposit and full payment, the following cancellation charges will apply per person.

More than 30 days – 15% only

Less than 30 days – 50% of tour cost

Less than 1 week – 100% of tour cost

Day of departure or later – 100% of tour cost


Each person who participates in travel or other activities arranged by the Company or its employees or agents does so at his or her own risk and assumes complete responsibility for the inherent risks and dangers associated with the travel and other activities. Risks and dangers may be present at any time during a person’s participation in the travel or other activities arranged by the Company and include, without limitation: (1) adverse weather conditions and other hazards of nature;  (2) strenuous physical activity; (3) accidents, whether related to travel, hunting, or other activities; (4) disease or other physical ailments; (5) contact with dangerous animals and insects; and (6) political or civil unrest.


0-2 years old: free ;

From 3-11 years old: 30% at the regular adult price.

From 12 years old and above: 100% at the regular adult price.


Travel insurance is not included in your tour price. We are highly recommends that you purchase full coverage travel insurance from your country of origin.

LIMITATION OF RESPONSIBILITY: The Company reserves the right to limit its own responsibilities according to the laws and regulations currently effective in Mongolia.


In case the customer needs to change the tour or increase the number of participants, he or she must be make the request by e-mail. There is no fee charged for these requests.

All requests for date changes to a booking must be made by e-mail from the person who submitted the booking originally.