Group size Min 1-2, max 3
Duration   3 nights  4 Days
Total driving  700 km
Meals 3 Breakfast, 4 Lunch,  3 Dinner
Accomodation Family ger 
Activity Camel riding, stay with nomadic family,  help to everyday work, cook with them, see the Wild horses and some other wild animals and enjoying the nature, learn nomadic family life style … etc

Mongolian countryside is very safe and peaceful place for traveling and relaxing, and nomads are very hospitable. Therefore, during the home stay trip travelers will have nice chances to feel free and to experience the nomads' lifestyle, try Mongolian meals offered by hospitable nomads and playing Mongolian traditional games and relaxing in quiet wild nature.  Spend 4 days with a family of the region to have a good overview of the nomadic way of life and discover, hiking or camel riding, the natural beauties.

     DestinationElsen Tasarkhai sand dune |  Khustai National Park