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We comply with national standards for responsible tourism when choosing hotels, ger camps and other accommodations.

Tourist ger camp


Tourist ger camps are the most comfortable accommodation in Mongolian countryside. You sleep in traditional yurts (called gers in Mongolia), furnished with single beds (from 2 to 5 beds / yurt), small tables and a stove. It is very difficult - or impossible - to have single yurts in most of the camps, so be ready to share your yurt with other travellers from the group. Some camps offer yurts with double beds, but it can not be guaranteed. You can find showers, washbasins and toilets in a separate building. Some few tourist camps have luxury ger which has private toilet and shower. A restaurant provides breakfast and meals.

Ger camps are the most comfortable accommodation available in Mongolia, but don't expect luxury: hot water in the showers is often unpredictable, electrical standards are "unique", and food at the restaurants relies on bad supplying conditions due to their remote situation.

Yurt camps offer simple international food, adapted to their different clients: Mongolian people, and tourists from European, American and other Asian countries (China, Korea, Japan). 

Tourist ger camp

Tourist camp photos

Nomadic family's extra ger


This accommodation is a unique opportunity to share and discover the traditional way of life of the nomadic herders in Mongolia.

2 or 3 guest-yurts are set close to the the familie's yurt, surrounded by the free roaming horses, yacks, sheep and goats.

You will sleep in guest-yurts with 4 or 5 single beds, heated with a traditional stove.

Meals are served either in the family's yurt or outside, weather permitting.

Your host will prepare traditional Mongolian dishes and it can be interesting to see how women cook only with the central stove of the yurt.

Some nomadic family has own local shower, some days we can use public shower in town. 

Nomadic family's extra ger

Nomadic family's extra yurt photos

Every day stay at different family

Accommodations' difference

Accommodation types Advantages  Disadvantages 
Nomadic family's extra yurt 
  • Cheap option ( no payment for driver and guide for accomodation
  • Our guide will cook fresh traditional food, If you have any special request, we can prepare vegetarian meals or gluten-free meals.
  • Near to discover culture in every day
  • More quite and near to nature
  • Possible to charge your phone/photo equipments
  • Possible to do nomadic family job such as milk a cow, make dairy products  etc/
  • Possible to visit nomadic family and take their great photos
  • Possible during the 4 seasons
  • Some family provide local shover (by the way we can have shower in town on the way
  • Toilet is outside
  • the families can’t wash the blankets after each visit, that’s why we provide you an individual sleeping bag. 
  • Bedding is not of good quality. We bought some thick mattresses for the families who live in the most visited areas, but at other families’, some beds or some mattresses are sometimes thinner, in felt.
Tourist Ger camp 
  • More Comfortable (bed has sheet) 
  • It has standart toilet and shower
  • Some camps has lux ger (private toilet and shower inside of ger or house & has extra payment)
  • Meals are their own restaurant (Asian, European & Mongolian food) 
  • More expensive than nomadic family extra yurt and pay for guide and driver’s food and accomodation (70-90$ difference for per person/per day) 
  • The most tourist camps are similar with each other
  • The most camps working schedule is 1st of June to end of Sep 

Note: Can be mixed options please let us know how many nights at tourist camp & Nomadic family’s extra yurt, we always based on clients request.


In wild nature

How many night would you stay at tent in wild nature? 

We provide equipment. 

Accommodation choice based on clients' request.


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