Gobi and Orkhon waterfall

Group size Min 1-2, max 6 (big groups are available)
Duration  10 nights 11 Days
Total driving  2200 km
Meals 10 Breakfast, 11 Lunch, 10 Dinner
Accomodation Nomadic family's guests ger
Activity Camel riding, hiking, visit nomadic family, Climbing to the top of the Singing Dune, Exploring Dinosour fossils, See the Wild horses and some other wild animals and enjoying the nature…etc

On this trip you'll enjoy the wonderful scenery of Orkhon Valley, learn about Buddhism and the history of Mongolia,see an eternally clear sky, blue mirages, golden sands and boundlessly expansive steppe lands, wild asses,ibexes camels, mountain sheep and gazelles flourish in the Gobi desert, Furthermore, you'll be able to experience typical nomadic family lifestyle and do horse and camel riding.

Destination: Terelj national Park Baga Gazariin chuluu  White stupa  | Gobi three beautyful mountain - Yol valleyKhongor sand dunes Bayanzag-Flaming cliffs | Ruins of Ongi monastery Orkhon waterfall | Kharkhorin - Erdene zuu monastery Khustai National Park 


Day 1 Terelj National Park

After you picked up from your accommodation, we will drive to Chingges khan statue. Chinggis Khaan statue complex is a 40meter tall, Chinggis Khaan on horseback, on the bank of the Tuul river at Tsonjin Boldog 54 kilometer east of the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar. Where according to legend of that he found golden whip. We will provide lunch and then drive ti Terelj National Park. You can do short  hiking to Aryabal temple and take photos surrounded beautiful places. We will stay in ger camp. (L+D)


Day 2 Baga Gazariin Chuluu

Today we are driving to baga gazriin chuluu /rock formation/ is a 15 km long and 10 km wide stone massif, is located Middle Gobi. Over 20 kinds of medical herbs and many species of animals such as wild sheep, ibex and marmot exist here, if you have chance you might the wild animals. Surtiin am is one of many beautiful places in Baga gazriin stone massif. This is a narrow canyon with asp, birch, white whicker and elm tree, as well the ruin of a stone temple and the site of 2 yurts where monks lived and meditated since the seventieth century.  Overnight in a ger or tent you can choose. (B+L+D)

Day 3 Tsagaan Suvraga

Today’s destination is White Stupa is located in MIddle Gobi. The name Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa) is given by local people to the impressive and legendary cliff which is eroded by natural phenomen on. Having 10 million years history, the cliff indicates different times by its colored layers. Tsagaan Suvarga is interesting to see the sheer slope, facing east, which from a distance seems to be the ruins of the ancient city. Enjoy hiking around colorful Stupa, feeling like meditation in there. Overnight in a ger camp. (B+L+D)

Day 4 Yol Valley

Today's destination is Yolyn Am, or 'Eagle Valley'. Take a trip to Yol Am and Dungene valley - a wonderfully picturesque place with ice in summer, and surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. Enjoy small hiking and photographing the charming landscape and wildlife. Visit Gobi museum. These areas are situated in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park that encompasses the "Three Beauties" peaks and the most easterly points of the Altai Mountains. Overnight in a ger camp. (B+L+D)

Day 5 Khongor Sand Dune

After breakfast, you will be driven to Khongor sand dunes. These are Mongolia's largest sand dunes, reaching height of 300 meters in some areas. You will be riding on camel to explore the Khongor sand dunes. The two-humped Bactrian camels are very comfortable to ride as they walk slowly and gently, and you will be well supported by the humps, sitting comfortably between them. Our camel man will lead you safely through the sand dunes. Plus, you will have an opportunity to visit a camel herdsman's family to explore their way of life, their culture and traditions. The sand dunes change color with each hour of the day, from yellow to silver to rose-colored at (dawn/ sundown). Overnight in a ger camp. (B+L+D)

Day 6 Drive to Bayanzag-Flaming Cliffs

Today we will drive to Bayanzag, (known as a Flaming Cliffs where the first nest of dinosaur eggs found in 1922) a site famous for the remains of dinosaurs which lived here 60 million years ago. You can walk around where dinosaurs once roamed and see saxaul trees and other classic desert vegetation. Overnight in guesthouse prepared by nomadic family.  (B+L+D)

Day 7 Ongi Monastery

Ongi Monastery After breakfast, we will drive to Ongi Temple ruins which had about thousand lamas. It is a ruin of big monastery Bari Yonzon Hamba on the bank of a river. On the way, we will enjoy the vast steppe of the country. Overnight in a ger camp. (B+L+D)

Day 8 Orkhon waterfall

The Orkhon Waterfall water flows for remarkable 1120 km to the North and lies in the historically significant Orkhon Valley, UNESCO World Heritage site. The waterfall formed by combination volcanic eruption and earthquakes some 20000 years ago cascades down from a height 27 meters. There you will enjoy real central Mongolian beautiful scenery by experiencing riding a horse, looking nomads working with cattle especially with yak. Overnight in a ger camp. (B+L+D)

Day 9 Tsenher hot spa

We will drive to Tsenher hot spa. In a pleasant verdant wooded area, some yurts camps with equipment and baths with a less hot temperature have been set up for the travellers, but also for the nomads and the inhabitants of Ulan Bator who are very keen on these baths. Tsenkher hot springs have healing properties notably on articular diseases and nervous system’s diseases. Composition: sodium carbonate, hydrocarbonate, sulfate, fluorite, hydrogen sulfide. Stay in ger camp. 

Day10 Kharkhorin Erdenezuu Monastery

After breakfast, continue driving to Karakorum, the symbolic ruins of the 13th century capital of the Mongol Empire. On the way, we will enjoy beautifully changing landscape from semi desert Gobi into forest steppe. Visit Erdene-Zuu, the oldest monastery, with 108 stupas, built in 1586. Then visit Karakorum museum and see the Great Mongol state period, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Ancient state period halls. Overnight in a ger camp. (B+L+D)

Day11 Elsen tasarkhai & back to UB

Today we will drive back to UB. On the way having a lunch and  enjoy around. Together this presents a unique combination of Mongolian mountains, forests and Gobi-type landscape in one location. This area is 80 km east of Kharakhorum, the ancient Mongolian capital. The area is populated by the Maral stag (elk), wolves, deer and fox. The Elsen Tasarhai literally means "an isolated torn-off piece of sand" and it is a small sequence of real desert in the midst of green steppes. It feels like in the Gobi Desert, and visitors can hike in the sand dunes. (B+L)

         Price includes:

  • Accommodation during the local trip
  • Driver+4WD vehicle+petrol
  • English speaking tour guide/cook/
  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Camel, horse riding with local guide
  • Bottled water supply for 1.5 liter p.p everyday
  • Entrance fees for the national parks and museum
  • Visa support & invitation letter
  • Sleeping bag

        Price excludes:

  • International airfare
  • Personal Items
  • Optional activity costs
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Accommodation in UB city
  • Travel & medical insurance
  • Tips for driver & guide



  • ANDRE AND FREA /Holland/

    We have a very nice remembrance of our vacation in Mongolia. We had about 600 photos and I made the best album. You did great job and gave us best satisfaction. Thank you so much tours for the great trip through Mongolia. We enjoyed every minute thanks to your help, guiding, driving and laughter. We had a wonderful time and hope to be back soon.

    ANDRE AND FREA /Holland/ Customer Testimonails
  • LYDIA /Belgium/

    Thank you for all the good information and the good and careful driving. We will never forget Mongolia and your service! We loved it and had a great time. Mongolia and her people are warm, friendly.

    LYDIA /Belgium/ Customer Testimonails
  • FRANK /Holland/

    We enjoyed the trip so much that we wanted to thank you once again. We have the best guide, and driver. So we learned a lot about not only the land Mongolia, but also the Mongolian life style. Our tour team were one of the main reasons that we have enjoyed this trip so much.

    FRANK /Holland/ Customer Testimonails


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