Mongolia Buddhist Monasteries Tour

welcome to mongolia buddhist monasteries tour. we arrange all kinds tour in mongolia, your stay is out pleasure.

 Welcome to Mongolia Buddhist Monasteries tour. We arrange all kinds tours in Mongolia, your stay is out pleasure.  For example: through Gobi desert, participate golden eagle festival,Mongolia Buddhist Monasteries etc.Come and experience life with our Nomadic families as their beautiful life unfolds before you. Our travelling staff is there to serve your every need.  We recommend to our guests the best services that are both cost effective and safe for our guest. Tours can be customized to last any length of time. Pricing is depending on travelers’ number therefore we can send by email more detailed information. Mongolia travel is perfect. 

Group size Min 1-2, max 6 (big groups are available)
Duration 5nights 6days 
Total driving               Km
Meals  5 Breakfast, 6 Lunch, 5 Dinner
Accomodation Ger Camp
Activity Camel riding, hiking, visit nomadic family,and horse riding.. etc

Buddhism was declared Mongolia's national religion in the 13th century and has been widespread since the 1600s. By 1900, there were 583 monasteries and temples and a trip around some of them can be considered the perfect introduction to Tibetan Buddhism. Among the wonderful monasteries on this tour is Erdene Zuu, built in the 1580s on the site of the ancient imperial capital. One of the oldest monasteries in Mongolia, in its prime there were 10,000 lamas in residence and nearly 60 temples. By the end of the Stalinist purges in the 1930s, however, all but 4 of these temples had been destroyed. 



Day 1 City tour

 After breakfast we will start our city sightseeing tour including a visit Gandan Monastery with its huge gold plated Buddha, a symbol of Mongolian national pride and cultural revival. See the monks chanting, spin some prayer wheels and view the intricately embroidered thanks. In the afternoon visit Bogd Khan Palace, which is a series of beautiful traditional buildings, where the last religious King of Mongolia resided. 

Day 2 Mongolia tours: Oldest Monastery Erdenezuu

After breakfast, continue driving to Karakorum, the symbolic ruins of the 13th century capital of the Mongol Empire. On the way, we will enjoy beautifully changing landscape from semi desert Gobi into forest steppe. Visit Erdene-Zuu, the oldest monastery, with 108 stupas, built in 1586. Then visit Karakorum museum and see the Great Mongol state period, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Ancient state period halls. Overnight in ger camp. (B+L+D)

Day 3 Orkhon Waterfall and Shankh monastery

Today will ride horse and make a trip to the Orkhon Waterfall situated in the valley Orkhon river. Water falls from height of 20 meters and the width of the stream at the point where forms the spectacular waterfall is 10 meters. The road to the waterfall is not easily accessible, owing to rocky surface of the area along the Orkhon river. On the way we visit Shankh monastery Overnight in tourist ger camp. (B+L+D)

Day 4 Tuvkhun monastery

After breakfast trip to Tuvhun which is one of most beautiful monastery complex, situated on a forested rocky mountain. Then we will drive to Khugnu khan Mountain natural reserve. Visit to a unique combination of Mongolian mountains, forest and Gobi-type in one location. The small monastery Uvgun (Old temple) will be quite interesting spot - by walking or horse riding. Overnight in Ger camp.  (B+L+D)

Day 5 Manzushir monastery

Tour continue to Bogd khan National park – sacred mountains and rock carvings, over 300 plant varieties, animals such as deer, boar, fox, hare, wolf, squirrel, eagles and woodpeckers, plus a deer farm. Visit the Manzhir Khid 18th century monastery in the southern reserve. Overnight in Ger camp.

Day 6 Back to UB

After breakfast short hiking around the monastery and then we will drive to UB, on the way we have a lunch. 



  • Unna

    I stayed for one month in Mongolia. It's one of the most impressive countries I have visit. Thanx to 4 seasons travel for a look into mongolian lifestyle. I have been touched by there kindness

    Unna South Africa
  • Garry Lynch

    I traveled through Mongolia and the landscaped and culture are amazing Four seasons travel company had a fantastic service and the people are very friendly and help This is a great company and fantastic people.

    Garry Lynch Indian
  • Tom

    Do not hesitate to use Oogi's tour company to see the real Mongolia, she's a great guide and the country itself is unlike anywhere else we've been on the planet. we spent 4 days touring the country with Oogi and have fantastic memories of Mongolia. We can't wait to visit again in the future.

    Tom US


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