Mongolian Travel Accommodation

What is a Tourist Ger Camp?

A Ger is Mongolian traditional round shaped dwelling that has been used since the Mongols started nomadic life with animal husbandry. Ger is portable, easily assembled and disassembled, and the most natural dwelling on earth. A ger consists of felt covers, wooden columns, and a round window at the top, thin wooden poles and floor, wall (wooden lattice attached together with animal hide, ropes) and ropes. Most of ger materials are made of animals like felt- sheep wool, ropes- camel or sheep wool, horse or yak’s tail, and of course wood.

Ger Camp is a kind of hotel that serves customers with gers instead of hotel rooms and always located at the best viewing spot. Ger Camps have often ger restaurants, common washing facilities such as shower, sauna etc. Ger camp restaurant serves Mongolian traditional cuisine and European dishes as well. You have in most cases opportunities of wildlife viewing, horse or camel riding, hiking, relaxing – sometimes ger camp offer entertainment such like local folklore concert.

Each ger offers simple elegance. Based on twin occupancy, the gers provide an authentic and memorable taste of Mongolian culture and allow you to visit the remote wilderness in comfort. Single accommodation can be arranged. What is normally inside the ger e.g a – 4 wooden drawers –1 table – 4 chairs 1 vacuum bottle 4 glasses and 4 shippers (It is possible to charge adding or taking off the number of beds at contractors wish. It is necessary to be told in advance to do so.

Restaurant & Dining Hall
Ger camps have mostly European style restaurants to offer guests European, Asian and Mongolian national dishes and teas, prepared by qualified cooks.

Sanitary Ware
Many camps have fully equipped sanitary facilities in conformity with the international tourist service standard such as hot and cold showers, sauna, laundry (some ger camps) and comfortable toilet separate building. Showers and lavatories constructed to make guests comfortable and fresh in the wilderness. They are never integrated into a ger but in a walking distance out side. A torch proved to be very useful at night.

What is local ger guesthouse?

What is local guest house? Some nomadic people who live within national park area have their own small business for ger accommodation for backpackers. Staying there gives you a chance to get closely acquainted with the way of life and culture of the Mongolian people.

The families built extra several gers around their home for renting to the customers.

Restaurant & Food Service

Some well running guesthouses offer food service for their customers. They usually serve authentic Mongolian meals or Russian styled western meals. But some LGG do not offer food service.

Shower & Toilet

Most of local ger guesthouses do not have formal toilets, so you can expect to find is a designated toilet trench that may be screened on three sides. No showering facilities will be available.


There is no electricity at the some local ger guesthouses specially located far away from village or town. The LGG which are closer to the village or town got the electricity.